Picture of the Day: President Museveni gets ready elections in Uganda

Museveni Butiaba 07112015

“Uganda’s President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has warned Ugandans to prepare for a war if they don’t vote him as president comes 18th February 2016″  (Afroreports, 2015).

Museveni Idi Amin

He had to pull the AK; just a few days after to prove his ways? Or is he trying the Vladimir-Putin-way to be the macho-leader and head of state at the same time. YKM or M7 must really fear the Opposition when he goes this way. And even warns the citizens of war if he doesn’t get the ability to cling to POWER! What do you think? The Campaign rallies starts tomorrow. Let’s see how this will unfold. Peace! 


AfroReports – ‘Prepare for a war-Museveni Warns’ (06.11.2015) link:http://www.afroreports.com/index.php/latest-news/263-prepare-for-a-war-museveni-warns.html

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