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Aftermath of the NRM Primaries: Police use teargas to disperse political procession in Mubende (Youtube-Clip)

“The Police fired live ammunition and Tear gas in Mubende to disperse the supporters of a former contender for the NRM Parliamentary flag bearer for the Mubende Municipality, Bashir Ssempa Lubega. Police say his procession through the town was illegal” (NTV-Uganda).

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2 thoughts on “Aftermath of the NRM Primaries: Police use teargas to disperse political procession in Mubende (Youtube-Clip)

  1. Hashim Mugabe on said:

    Geo~politics is going to be a key actor in Uganda’s foregn policies.. with the discovery of Oil in the Albertine region, Uganda is going to influence main land economic progress of the Great Lakes Region. but what wil happen to other key sectors of the economy like Agriculture that contribute reasonable amounts to the national GDP in terms of foregn exchange…what wil be the fate of tourism in the East African region? Should we presume that The Oil sector will be a catalysit for growth.. a catalyst that will forese the growth of the service sector.how about the social service amenities… and how wil Uganda deal with an oil extinct economy. Arab Emirates was ounce a key oil producer whose oil is now extinct or in low volumes of barrels.. these a all questions Uganda ought to take key note of not foresaking the question of global geo~politics where foreign big boys wil want an inch of oil business…lest the nation benefits little from it like the case of venezuela

  2. nilspeace on said:

    Hi Hashim Mugabe. The Oil might help the economy in Uganda, but with falling oil-prices added payment on the planned enterprice of pipelines either to Lamu in Kenya or Dar Es Salam in Tanzania. While the Refinary is sold and exchanged for military equipment to UPDF. That before the nail is put in the ground. Should make the people fear for wealth it is supposed to create. Tourism should make the region rise, but when there fear on the ground and unsecurities, the toursist choose other destinations! Like what has happen in Tunisia and Egypt. That might happen with Uganda and Kenya. That is my fear. I don’t wish that. There has to be stability. The economy of Uganda is also dire with rising inflation, lower value currency and more debt as precentage of the budget, while aid and donors continues to cut funding of budget money. That is also happening right before the oil money start to flow. Total and CNOOC has deal on Lake Albert Basin. And Tullow has gotten beaten in court. There are deals and something underneath that we don’t know and agreements that hasn’t arrived. While there few Ugandan Oil Students. The Chinese has sent their own to deal with their fields. So that most monies goes back to China. Like they usually do! What do you think about that?

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