Amama Mbabazi’s speech to the TDA today (25.09.2015)


Members of The Democratic Alliance: I accept your nomination.

This has not been an easy process and the truth is when we face our opponent it won’t get any easier. But I am proud to be a part of this union of citizens, each one of whom has dared
to answer the call of democracy, of justice and of true prosperity.

To my fellow candidates Mr. Norbert Mao and Professor Gilbert Bukenya – I salute your sense of duty and your willingness to put our country first. I look forward to working with you, for it is your help I want and your help I seek; and our cooperation that our country desires and deserves. I am certain that the doors of cooperation are still open to Dr. Kizza Besigye of the FDC. Let us leave the quarrels of the past behind in favour of unity. Not a
unity based on sameness but a unity borne of pragmatism and of a shared vision for our beloved country Uganda.

To every member of the Democratic Alliance, all of us here have walked distinct paths to come to this place but we share the same dreams, we have a common purpose: to oversee a peaceful transition of power and to build and secure a Uganda that works for everyone.

Our primary focus must be on the future. We are fighting for the future of this country and we are wiser and stronger when we indeed make this a focal point of our plans and strategies. The undeniable reality is this: a new age is upon us and today’s wisdom will be insufficient tomorrow. We owe it to the Ugandan people, particularly the youth, to plan for a better future because, to quote one American politician talking about his government in 1984, “if this administration has a plan for a better future, they’re keeping it a secret.”

There are approximately 15.7 million voters out there, many of them desperate for change; all of them worse off than they would otherwise be with effective governance, well functioning public services, strong institutions and rule of law. Of these, we would need just under 8 million to secure victory. My friends this victory is not merely possible, it is within our grasp. With true unity, meticulous organization and a focus that is laser-sharp we will
win this election and fulfill our solemn duty to transform this country for good.

I look forward to working with every single one of you to make this happen.

Let’s Go Forward!

Thank you,

God bless you and God bless Uganda.

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