#OpenToSyria – Amnesty International’s Chart of World Action towards the refugees of the conflict in Syria


3 thoughts on “#OpenToSyria – Amnesty International’s Chart of World Action towards the refugees of the conflict in Syria”

  1. There are mistakes on this chart. In Turkey, there are 1,9 millions Syrian registered and six hundred thousand unregistered refugees, total around 2,5 millions refugees. relatives link: http://www.cnnturk.com/haber/turkiye/turkiyede-suriyeli-multeci-sayisi-1-9-milyon
    Besides, only two countries, Russia and China governments have decided to help the refugees and helped fund as financially and the other issues. Other countries did not take the decision to help. Interestingly, this graph does not mention even have the name of these two countries. Actually it is not that interesting, imperialist western governments are always so cute and helpfull, aren’t they? Anyway…

    1. Well I can’t verify any of the numbers. But I thought that Its important to adress the matter and make a difference towards the conflict. Thats what really matters, Its people behind the numbers that really matters. Though the governments keep stuff at bay. Parts of that is also too keep citizens safe. But if they lie to much somebody has to adress it. Peace.

      1. Of course you cannot verify all datas my Earthling friend. And, I agree with you, these news should be kept on the agenda continuously. Because, people can forget easily. And, I guess I could understand what my point is. Of course, peace always.

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