World Cup 2014 Football songs

Last time it was Waka Waka and K’naan. This time it’s this:

A weak ass fotball song! Weak not into it, the communisme kinda song with samba doesn’t mix. Sorry Pitbull, but you and Jennifer Lopez sure earned yourself a fat check for this one! Next:

Shakira did this last time with ‘Waka Waka’. This is more Euro-techno and really the sound of 2014. Sure it’s going to played like crazy more then Pitbull I hope, still I wouldn’t myself buy this tune on Itunes. Taste of music is different. But someday I might listen to it because I am playing FIFA game where they have added this song on the football list – lalala. Next:

Yet another pop triade with Brazil flags and samba. It’s better then Pitbull and J.Lo in this contest it’s not a victory. I still prefer Shakira. For the simple reason it’s has the soccer stars in the song. Though none of them is ‘We’re coming home’ theme. “time of your life” .. World Cup is the biggest soccer event every for you! But come on beautiful girl! Next:

Coca-Cola had last time the best. It seems like their tradition to drop good tunes for marketing purposes and sell more cans of Coke in the time of the World Cup!

And Yes! If you wonder, I won’t do the national tracks of each of the countries. Because if you think about. I have no plans of checking all of those out or spend time searching youtube to find all of thoose tracks.

This was me and my tale of Football songs.. Who’s up next? Kidding!


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