Delayed salary for the civil service in Uganda, again!

The other day we had the issues of ‘ghosts’, but this is the civil servants. Finance Minister Maria Kiwanuka is having a dry spell.  The ones who suffer right are the teachers, police officers and health workers who haven’t gotten their salary in a long time (NTV Uganda Footage).

“The decentralisation of the payment system did not alter the mandate of the ministry of Public Service. It is required to submit the final payroll by the 23 [of every month]. The deadline has not been adhered to for various reasons,”Ms Kiwanuka said (Arinaitwe, 2014). Still though even if you had some malfunctions or distractions on the way, still shouldn’t the April pay and other ones disappear into thin air? Not that I am warmongering or a wokoloso, naye I have to ask, how is it possible yet again.  At that time the treasury secretary Keith Muhakanizi threaten to hang people over ghosts (Minbane, 2014). So shouldn’t he have a chat with Ms Kiwanuka yesterday?

Even in 2013 in June there was a similar incidence in with the civil service.  They have not been paid for two weeks out in June and also no pay of salary in May.  At that time it was a public service spokesman Jonas Tumwine:  “ …. has been caused by the ongoing cleanup of the payroll” (Kakaire, 2013).

I could have told stories backing down in to the abyss of history, but that wouldn’t matter or make any difference today. Just as the outcome of late pay to the civil servants makes them weak and also the institutions of the government. This must be a wish of the government and the president of Yoweri Museveni and his NRM. So what is next in this tale?



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